Friday, 13 January 2006

I don't feel like writing about knitting today....

Probably because I haven't got any time to do any damned knitting.

I need another Noro jumper, so I'm going to save up for some more silk garden. For some reason it is so comforting to knit, especially with a pattern.

My statistics for my normal non knitting research are driving me up the wall, I am completely dyslexic, so often I can't tell if words are spelled wrong or not, and I have pages and pages of programming syntax to go through and create to run the stats on my projects. Sometime it can take me up to 2 hours to find a one word mistake because I can't see when things are spelled wrong, or if there is a comma missing, I often end up rocking backwards and forwards unless I bring my knitting with me to calm down. I am determined that my knitting stats will be much simpler.

Not only that, Carmen has gone, I am really missing her now, no knitting break mid afternoon with cups of tea and chocolate as we used to do, or anyone to get excited about my hand spun. :-(

However, the best-est thing in the world did happen yesterday, we are going to buy a house!!! I've lived in rented accommodation for about 8 years now, despite the fact that we have a fabulous massive old house, I now want a house where I can have a proper workshop for the business. We are looking just out side of Cardiff, in the pretty welsh villages, and start viewing properties tomorrow, so I am mega excited, so I'll probably be keeping you up to date with the progress of whats going on.

Participants are trickling in for the research, and we also have something special planned for a big show in Olympia in march, but that's a secret for now.

Anyway off to look run some more stats. :-/

Added later: Monday morning there is a peice on the BBC Wales website about the research etc, the front page is here, of course it is in Welsh, I'll try and post a translation if I can, but I think my picture will be in there with Ulrich!!!!! How exciting! Anyway monday when I find it I'll post the link.


Ahhh! added later! I can't beleive it, if you like Firefly look at this chatter and pattern about Jaynes hat! There has been so much discussion about that hat in our house.!!

I might even have to make one for anth.....

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