Friday, 27 January 2006

Olympic sale!

I think there is a correlation between anth being away and the amount I am blogging this week, I feel like I just need to get everything out of my system, its great though, I feel much more connected.

OK, so here's the idea of the day. I'm moving house, therefore I need too make that experience as stress free as possible. So if I really am going to pop all my things neatly into my shelves in my new craft room that means I need to shift allot of my stock which doesn't conform to normal colour batches and weights. I have plenty of that, I can tell you, the fun with making hand dyed stuff is that things never go quite as you plan them. But that means that its great for you lot because I am going to have a massive Fyberspates yarn sale in the shop, it will include, silk, sock yarns, Dk and other stuff I have.

It will be next week, probably about Tuesday, I'll need to spend some time taking pictures and stuff. But its gonna be BIG.

How exciting!!! (told you I was feeling perkier, that book seems to have done the trick!)

Now, I've joined the Olympics I'm in team Wales, what the hell do I knit? I've always wanted to knit a cabled cardigan/hoody thing, any one know some good patterns?

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