Thursday, 17 August 2006

A gorgeous wood turner!

A new line of yarn for fyberspates, its so yummy and soft, and knits like butter. I'm so desperate to knit something gorgeous in this stuff, its alpaca and wool, yum, yum, yum!


So I wanted to really work on the spinning supplies side of my business, and coming really really soon, I will be selling hand dyed British merino, yes thats right British merino! and some very soft british fibres. Why british you might ask? Protecting the environment is extremely important to me and I aim to reflect that in my business. All of my packaging is recycled, even my labels come from used envelops. I'm sure alot of you are pretty clued up on this, but shipping and flying things accross the world creates a great deal of polution. So by sourcing as much stuff from my England Scotland and Wales means that I support British business and help the environment. Yay!

Anyway so back to the spinning! I set my freind who is a builder a challenge to make me some hand turned spindles to sell in the shop and at ally pally. And look what the result is:


These will be for sale very soon, and many more. They spin beautifully.

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