Friday, 11 August 2006

I'm back!

So I've been without a computer for a few weeks now, because I've had some holiday from work and Obviously I can't use A's anymore, so I had to take the plunge and buy a new laptop. So here I am back with lots of pics!

So I've just had a week of holiday, with my friend, we had a lush time, and because we are both skint, we had to thing of ingenious ways to entertain ourselves. Suffice to say we had a scream. I think my favourite day was spent 'borrowing' some plums from a beautiful plum tree and turning it into the most delicious chutney and ketchup. We spent the afternoon stoning them in a beautiful garden, I felt so Mediterranean, it was lovely. We also commissioned something called a rum pot to be made, this is something special also related to using 'free' fruit! Basically its a large pot, and you put say a pound of fruit, what ever is in season at the time.....plums for example! Add the equivalent sugar, and them cover it in rum, then as more fruits come into season the you just keep adding more, making sure it is always covered be rum. You need to have a plate like disk, to keep the fruit down under the rum. The at Christmas you have a rather delicious alcoholic concoction. Apparently fruit is very good on ice cream, is you can still scoop it out by then! So we commissioned a pot to be made especially by Winchcombe pottery I'm so excited for it to be finished!!

In addition, I have been ordering scrummy yarns like crazy for ally pally and the big autumn shop update. There is some seriously wonderful stuff coming, including keyring sock chains. Email me for details, they will be up in the shop soon.

And I have been knitting YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Here are my finished autumn socks:


Then I decided I really needed a one skein wonder that fitted, and see how it would work with some hand spun....


And of course I have to have a pair of socks on the go at all times!!!


I am so desperate to knit all the time, I'm so excited about designing things for ally pally.

Can't think of anything else for now.

j xxx

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