Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Rainy wales.

So much for my hopes of dyeing loads of yarn today, it pouring with rain and thundering like mad!!. There is only one thing for it on days like these, and thats lots of cups of tea and cake and working in my lounge. I've updated lots of things in the shop, lots of new yummy wools, some hand spun, and lots more colours to come very soon once the rain has passed! Ohh and other lovely news, so I took on my first employee, and hunky young man called Andy who just loves wool. He's a complete star, and works very hard. I might even pop a picture up of him skeining wool later. He-he.

In non knitting news, I've had a bit of a major break through with Anth. Obviously breaking up is a really tough thing to do and as you can imagine tensions have been running high, and unfortunately we work together in psychology and share a great deal of our social life, so its not an option not to see him, but every time I have over the past couple of months, its been torture, and I have felt unjustly persecuted. I went on a Buddhist course  last weekend, ( I'm a Buddhist) and I really really wanted to work out why the hell it kept happening. In the middle of a lecture, the lecturer was talking about how our environment is a reflection of whats going on inside, they are completely linked, there is no separating them. The lecturer made a joke about the fact that if the image in the mirror is not bowing, its probably because you are not bowing to the mirror. That sort of stuck in my throat a bit and I had a huge realization that despite the fact I was trying to be 'nice' to anth I was actually feeling very angry and blaming towards him inside. So I decided to just let it all go because it takes so much energy to be angry with someone than just to be their friend. So Next time I saw him I decided to see all his amazing qualities and let go of all the crap. I was absolutely stunned at the result I got, we had a fab time together, and we both left feeling great. Its continued as well, and I really feel like we are actually going to be able to be the bestest of friends. I am so amazed at how a change in my attitude, changed everything. Anyways, just thought I would share that little experience with you.

J xx

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