Monday, 18 June 2007

Rainy monday.

Hi folks,

Thanks for the comments on the last post, I was not sure whether to write it or not, but I am really glad I did, and I think I will write regularly about yarn and its production, I think its really important that you guys understand how yarn is produced and where it is produced and all the issues involved, I have lots of knowledge about it, so I'll share. I might be a little controversial, but hey.

So what been going, I tried in between showers over the weekend to dye wool for my wholesale orders, and get some bits and pieces ready for woolfest, I don't mind the rain too much though because my garden is so lush and green at the moment, and have flowers on all my vege plants, so its getting exciting.

I sell alot of lace weight silk, and its one of my favourites because it looks so beautiful, but I tried to knit it before and I found it too fiddly, because its thin and slippery, got fed up and left it. So the other weekend when I went to meet Helen and Steve from stash in chester, for a treat she gave me a pair of the new Addi lace circulars. They were a welcome addition to my collection, but I was skeptical about whether they would make any difference to my unsuccessful lace attempts. But I was tempted Saturday evening, so I put them to the test.

In short, they are totally amazing, I was actually able to knit really fast with them, and they weren't too slippery and the points are perfect, I am a complete fan, here is the progress so far.


Not much, but for me with something that fine its brilliant. The colour is Grenada, it should only take one hank of the lace weight because it has 400m per 50gms.

Now, another nearly finished lace project here;


Right, now I'm off to get everything in the post because I'm off to mums now for the funeral.

Take care people, and happy knitting.

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