Thursday, 21 June 2007

Yipee, feeling back to normal.

Phew, I'm glad my misery seems to have lifted, I can't post when I feel like that, I was a bit worried yesterday, waiting for my spark to come back, its been a little flat recently with all the changes and things going on. I was so desperate last night, that the only thing I knew that would make me clean my kitchen would be if I was cheered up by buying food. That truly never fails to make me smile. I spend about an hour and a half wandering around sainsbury's browsing all the scrumptious foods, and it made my soul warm up a little bit. I sat infront of the tv and read cooking books and watch crappy tv, and ate yummy food, and ignored all the work I had to do, and seems like it worked, I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain, and I had a big smile, cause I love the rain, and felt like sitting in bed allday on my laptop and read blogs and do my work,  and read books, and listen to radio 4. This was good cause all the other morning I have just felt like sleeping and ignoring the wholeworld.

Thankfully I'm not too behind with orders, one or two late sock clubs are to be posted, but apart from that its all ok, and they will go today, I had a little helper who supported me with that, thanks sweetie, you are a star.

So fresh italian coffee, yummy bread, with apricot conserve and thickly spread with butter, yum yum yum, and a massive big grin and ready to face the world. Hmm, there is this little buddhist poem that I love that descibes how I feel today;

'Glad to be just who I am, may I never forget

to keep a smile as refreshing as a spring breeze on my face,

to shine with a summer sun of hope

to persue wisdom while conversing with the Autumn moonlight

and to be a person who sparkles with the purity of new fallen snow.'

There we go, aren't I feeling philosophical today, lol.

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