Friday, 4 June 2010

Major excitement

Peeps, I am so damned excited, we go next week to TNNA, I am just full of excitiment I cant contain it!

I have worked so hard on the stand and my goodness there are so many rules, and my wonderful distributor debbs has been working  hard too getting everything ready.

I am gonna explain the layout to you so you can imagine it, hehe.

I wanted something to look absolutely styled all based around a beautiful picture that was taken for the knitter for my graceful pattern:

Scrumptious jumper - the knitter 

This photo completely encaspulates the styling/brand of scrumptious for me, and so we got a massive banner printed of this to put at the back of the stand, then we decided that the whole stand had to look amazing, so we are having a frame built and then we will cover the frame with fabric the back panels will be covered in this:

We then will have the rest covered in cream fabric, and I got these amazing borders that are gold and swirly, its gonna look fabulous!!!   Mr wool, Debbs (my distributor in the USA) and debbs' husband bill have all worked so hard on this, inInfact look at the shade cards debbs has done for the dk, she totally got the way I wanted it, she is amazing!!

Shade card 1

Shade card 2

How gorgoeus?????

You know when a plan feels like its coming together? well its coming together........

Oh and we are launching our new distribution here too in the UK, we will have 5 yarn weights in the scrumptious in august ready for the winter, and the 4ply samples are arriving today, I am trying my hardest to think about the update and not the yarn due to arrive.................................


  1. SQUEEE this is all so brilliant and exciting congrats - you work so hard you deserve it

  2. I can't wait to see the pics! Hope you have a wonderful show :-)

  3. Onward and upward, I think that's your motto! Have a wonderful time and try to squeeze a moment to take some pictures for the blog. xxxx Hannah

  4. Love it - make sure to take (and post) loads of pictures!
    PS: You need to move your Twitter Updates further up the screen!