Friday, 18 June 2010

Tnna pics and LIFE argh!

Hey peeps!!

OK, here is the link to my flikr account so you can see the TNNA pics if you would like to :)

Tnna was awesome, and I am so glad we are getting there with the commercial range, we have just ordered a screw load of scrumptious in the 5 weights for the USA and the UK for Autumn so fingers crossed it will all go to plan, in the mean time I deleted the wholesale section on the website, there will be no more hand dyed wholesale any more from me, as much as I LOVE it I can't manage everything any more, this makes me really sad, but I have to be realistic about things and what I can manage, and I just can't do it. BUT instead the commercial range is really really gorgeous!!! I got samples in on cones of the new colours of the 4ply and they are STUNNING, I have a design to do in them, so once my jacket is finished monday I'll be testing them!

I am annoyed with myself because I am part of the Summer festival here in  wantage, and I can't now open as much as I intended to because I have so many meetings/work trips to attend which just wernt there 2 months ago when I agreed to it.

So peeps if you want to visit please check with me first before you make any long journeys, just to be sure ok?

I have to now finish editing all my patterns ready for printing, Finish a garment for monday, although that means I have to just knit, so secretly this is a real treat, knitting for the entire weekend!

There won't be an update today I can't squeeze it in, I shall probably try and pop some things on on Monday, BUT I shall be getting ready for Woolfest so thats all good! I can't wait :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend peeps :)



  1. the photos look great. Knitting all weekend, sounds like a dream!

  2. hey .. good for you... it's great to see a small business taking off :) and your yarn is gorgeous :)