Saturday, 12 June 2010

ok......some photos of the setting up!

So this is what the space looked like initially....

Iphone pics 004

We had curtains and poles and in  the rules it says you can't attach anything to them......but everyone else did :s, but because we didn't know this, we planned our stand to the enth degree and  built a frame so that we could attach fabric to the sides to make it like a room....


Iphone pics 008 

Sorry the photos are so blurry!

We stapled the fabric on and then I added a sticky border to the top, hehe, it looks wonderful now!

Iphone pics 007

Iphone pics 011

Iphone pics 005

We split the stand so half is rooster and half is Scrumptious :) we'll take some better ones today :)



  1. Looking good!
    Shame about the frame. Next year you know better! ;)
    Have fun and show us a few more pictures.

  2. Love it - look forward to more pics! By the way, what's the beautiful turquoise garmet in the corner, the long one?

  3. I can't wait to see more pictures- it's looking pretty awesome!

  4. Go girl, awesome (I know the lingo as I lived stateside for 3 years!!) Have a fun time, full of envy.......