Monday, 1 August 2011

Gorgeous new workshop.....

OK, so most of you know I have a new workshop, and  BEAUTY it is too. Its quite alot smaller than the other one, BUT its gorgeous, and dry and clean and on a stunning cotswold farm. The new address is:

Unit 6 Oxleaze farm workshops
Broughton Poggs
Glos, GL7 3RB

I do welcome visits from people as long as they let me know when they are coming, I do live only about 4 miles down the road, so if you ever want to pop in at short notice, and I am not there, its no trouble for me to come there, providing I am at home.

I can seriously recomend the area for a day out, I am about 5 miles from Burford which is the MOST gorgeous cotswold town with tea shops and there is a nice knitting shop there too, amongst other lovely things to buy, and Burford garden center is SUPER DUPER. I am about 1/4 of a mile away from the cotswold woolen weavers too, which again is a superb place to visit website needs a bit of updating, BUT the place is lovely, it has lots of woven fabrics and all sorts and a teashop too :)

So I have been threatening pictures for are some tasters :)

Unit 001 mini

Unit 008


Unit 007


Unit 006

Unit 005


Unit 009


  1. Oooooooh Jeni its heavenly, what a beautiful place to live and work. You are very lucky, you earned it. You have a sweet little pond and some chucks do you sell eggs or are they just for your brekkie??? Ha ha.

  2. hi Jeni, WOW this looks fab! I'd love to come and have a visit, perhaps our knitting group could have a day trip out? is it far from Cumbria?

  3. You would be welcome to, but it is quite far from cumbria! about 6 hours drive I think...there is enough to do for a weekend visit though :)

  4. Beautiful place to work! Might take you up on your offer if ever I'm up that way!

  5. gorgeous yarns arrived safe and sound today, many thanks. Adrienne

  6. Going back to your roots - well, almost!
    We will try to find the time for a visit when we are next back in England as you will be on the way to Birmingham to see Clare and Antony. Good luck in your new venture xx

  7. I love, love,love,love, love butterflies!! And did I say that I collect butterfly stamps. Well, this is one that is simply gorgeous and would absolutely die to have in my stamp tool drawer!!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Oh, and it's really cute too!!! Pam Roundy.

  8. For some reason my coetpumr only deigns to tell me you have blogged, about every three posts, which is incredibly annoying and means it's a waste of time my commenting on anything other than the one I currently see as you are not likely to go back days to read any new comments from slowcoaches like me. But rest assured, I have read them all, love the bags, off to have a look even though I know I can't buy one. Had no idea you were a real' gardener, having only just found' you so to speak, but love the ramshackleness of your greenhouse. I had a friend who built one once, from bits of this and that, old french doors from a skip, bits of windows from a tip, all scrubbed and rubbed and painted. It had, like yours, a certain charm and there was something attractive about it so that you wanted to be in there longer than one of the UPVC ones, for some reason maybe the history attached to its various parts? Lovely post again, thank you.