Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Slowing right down and taking time.

Its a funny old life running your own business, it will always good for you as long as you continually learn the lessons it gives you. My freind says that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping that you will get a different result each time, which ofcourse you never do!

I decided to live a little more and work a little less. Take evenings to relax, do some ACTUAL knitting, cook delicious food, take up a hobby, (actually cooking and learning about cooking is my hobby as lots of you know). Grow some stuff....oh boy do I have some nice photos to show you with my growing.

So..... lets start with the knitting, I am knitting lace weight, beautiful gorgeous Elegance camel silk, on 2.5mm needles, I know, I am as shocked as you are, and its for me, all mine! Not for samples, not for designs, just for me, this is an old photo now, but the rib is about 23 cm deep now, and I am about to start the fun bit! :

Knit 001

Secondly my garden, I do live in a super cute cottage in the cotswolds, and it has a wonderful little garden, and I love growing stuff in pots...every year I try growing things, and this year I have some super treats...

My Sunflowers:

The garden 011
These came about because I was sprouting some seeds in my sprouter, and I forgot about them, they went a bit mouldy, so I just blended them into the earth in a pot...and hey presto, I have 5 beautiful sunflowers.

Next are the chilli plants, I think there are at least 10, of varying varieties....

The garden 016

I think these are just general green chillis, but I have some dorset naggas which are my FAVOURITE for cooking, they are super hot, and give the most wonderful delcious heat.

Next is my Lemon Grass,.....yup, actual lemon grass, I am so so so proud I got these to germinate:

The garden 015
My toms are looking quite good too, but I don't know when on earth they will start turning red lol!

The garden 013

And just a general one of some of my pots lol, the building behind is a little outdoor office! And yes, some of those are baskets, I couldn't afford new pots, so I just used what I had....and moving units, I had LOADS of baskets which I put to good use!

The garden 014

And I have to most exciting thing from the garden, is that finally I have managed to grow an aubergine, after 4 years of trying to grow them, I finally have 5 on one plant...this is the biggest one:

The garden 012

I know its small...but its a  first, and I am super excited about it.

Tonight I am cooking marinated slow cooked pork belly from my fav Raymond Blanc book, (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), and I shall do some more knitting I think...although I think I am in the mood for Hexipuffs ;)



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