Monday, 1 August 2011

Gorgeous new workshop.....

So most of you know I have a new workshop, and  BEAUTY it is too. Its quite alot smaller than the other one, BUT its gorgeous, and dry and clean and on a stunning cotswold farm. The new address is:

Unit 6 Oxleaze farm workshops
Broughton Poggs
Glos, GL7 3RB

I do welcome visits from people as long as they let me know when they are coming, I do live only about 4 miles down the road, so if you ever want to pop in at short notice, and I am not there, its no trouble for me to come there, providing I am at home.

I can seriously recomend the area for a day out, I am about 5 miles from Burford which is the MOST gorgeous cotswold town with tea shops and there is a nice knitting shop there too, amongst other lovely things to buy, and Burford garden center is SUPER DUPER. I am about 1/4 of a mile away from the cotswold woolen weavers too, which again is a superb place to visit website needs a bit of updating, BUT the place is lovely, it has lots of woven fabrics and all sorts and a teashop too :)

So I have been threatening pictures for are some tasters :)

Unit 001 mini

Unit 008


Unit 007


Unit 006

Unit 005


Unit 009


  1. Oh you are so lucky, it looks stunning, really cosy and such a beautiful setting!

  2. I know, its just like paradise, it really is.

  3. You are living my dream! Best to you!

  4. How beautiful - it'll so inspiring!!

  5. A fabulous workshop in a beautiful setting... you lucky thing!

  6. Oh, it looks lovely! So Coswold-y!

  7. Oooh it's beautiful!
    I love the Cotswold Woollen Weavers place. I interviewed Richard Martin who owns it once for Knit Weekly for BBC Oxford; he has more books on sheep than anyone I have ever met.
    Your new workspace looks incredibly wholesome and lovely! x