Monday, 12 February 2007

Busy busy busy!

Oh the joys of having a business. You never ever get time off. EVER. The only time I don't work is when I'm either at stitch'n bitch or I fly to another country not on business, or once I've had two glasses of wine so I can't actually see straight any more. Hehehehehe.

I was dyeing at 11pm the other night to keep up with wholesale orders, and dyeing for my beloved sock club, which is so much fun, because the batches never ever come out the same twice. Then I have to prepare for the London Creative stitches show at EXCEL in London the weekend after, any one coming?

Please come and say hello. Then two weeks after is a knitting show show in Paris. Gulp. Any one going to that? Gulp because I have to ship all my stuff there, speak french, dye all my wool, and work out translations. Slightly more nervous about this one. Any one going to that huh? If you are please please come and see me, I would like some moral support!

There are big changes happening to my business at the moment, which are so exciting, I don't care if I have to work all the time, I'm so so happy, its definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone which is fine, because things always seem to come along to help me along, so I'm just starting to trust that everything will be just fine. After last year when my expectations of the whole world were just completely destroyed and the realisation that nothing is permanent, which at first scared the hell out of me, now feels so freeing. Hmm I'm a little thoughtful today, must be all that dye going to my head.

So, got to produce a magazine submission in 2 days, can't say what, and the best thing ever? Carmen and Fran arrive for the weekend on Thursday. I'm so excited, I'm sure some of you might remember me talking about Carmen, she made the wonderful hats and bags. OOOOOOOH I can't wait.

Right off to do some work. Coffee, I NEED COFFEE. hehehe.

Ohh!!!! And first round of Sock clubs have been posted today, everyone should have them by Friday. he he. I hope you like it, I'm loving Elly's pattern, it's themed appropriately for February.

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