Friday, 2 February 2007

Its friday, Yipee!

Ok, so I am well aware that the shop needs mega updating, I've been dyeing so many wholesale orders I have slightly neglected it, still, I have some treats to add at the weekend. Included in this are the space dyed yarns, my very own fyberspates range of scrummy space dyed yarns. *I'm grinning stupidly now* They are truly yummy, a small quantity arrived today from my distributor, so I can put them in the shop. They are yummmmmmmmmmmmy. I need to take some tasty photo's tomorrow, so keep your eyes out, I'll post here once I do.

Why did I choose to have some sapce dyed yarns made for me? well......

1. I am aware that the irregualrity of hand dyed yarn can often put people off making larger garments from them, and 2? You can machine felt with almost all of these yarns, apart from scrumptious, which is not possible with hand dyed yarn because of coloour fastness. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee

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