Friday, 9 February 2007

Um its snowing again.

OK, so by about 5pm last night the snow was gone, I woke up this morning, and its here again, not only that but its snowing hard, kind of settling, but still going. Thing is, its sooooo hard to leave my comfy little house when it is like this, its all warm, actually quite clean unusually, because I had a meeting here last night, Elly like the trooper she is, helped me move all my boxes into my spare bedroom aka the new store room. So I'm sat here on the floor at Fyberspates HQ, with Sophie purring on my lap, drinking strong coffee, knitting and watching the snow fall out the window.

I am gonna take a picture of the  store room ltr because its cool, however, I urge you to go take a look in the shop at the accessories section, lets put it this way, I'm never ever gonna be annoyed cause I can't find the right needles ever again, oh and the crochet hooks, YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY, they are available wholesale too.

Space dyeds are slowly being added, but it'll be a few more days yet before all 6 yarns are on there in all the colours, I want to make sure pics are fab, and its not something I'm brill at so it takes a little while. Oh and there are a few additions sprinkled in the shop especially been doing some lace weights for orders so did a few extra for the shop.

Sorry if my grammar is a bit out today, when i'm excitable I can't tell what is the right grammar to use, its a dyslexic thing I think, sorry about that.

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