Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Its so quiet.....

ok, going to the internet cafe is a good thing!

It mean, I have to do all my emails in 45 minutes, and write orders down, which means no messing about getting caught up in wasting time on stuff. I might have to apply this to my new working days!

Its so quiet here, apart from the farm next door. Its divine, the sound of nothing, no shouting, screaming, fighting, screeching cars or traffic! Really quite odd.

I am knackered though, it feels like my first week at a new job, getting my bearings, and computing all the new information.

I investigated the local village/town today, in addition to takeaways and indian food, lol, there  is a proper fish and chip shop, gorgeous deli's, veg shops, and a proper sweet shop!! I love it!

ok, better go and do some work, oh forgot to say...... have now properly done the new store room out, and well, there is lots of yarn which needs to go on sale, so, on monday when I get broadband (please universe I need it to go smoothly!), I will be putting it all on sale, so I don't have to put it on the new website....there is quite alot... the space dyed sale will continue onto the new wesbite, because there is about another 100 kilos to go, lol.

new website nearly ready....just sorting out payment things etc.


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  1. It sounds fab, I want to visit!
    I hope all goes well with broadband on Monday!