Monday, 15 December 2008

so damned close....

OK, everything is nearly finished on new site, but I need to tweak a few things,add some more products, and so Official day of unveiling is tomorrow, which is a relief because I was slightly loosing my mind trying to finish everything and sort out all the orders, lol.

It will be in the same place as the old shop, it will just look a thousand times more gorgeous, lol!!! I will post here when it goes live. I am so so excited, it looks gorgeous as it is now, let alone by tomorrow when I have tweaked my heart out.

I am also going to look at dyeing premises this afternoon, very exciting.

Off to make a huge bacon buttie, have 10 minutes to Calm down, and then  back to work it is, and maybe even a little dyeing this afternoon, I am actually getting withdrawal from dyeing now, that's a really really good sign, lol!



  1. Well done, I'm looking forward to seeing the new site. I've moved into my new flat and now have internet so am feeling perky.

  2. Good luck when the new site goes live:-)

  3. Aghh, still not here.... can't stand the suspense! You are a master (or should it be mistress) of suspense posting :) So looking forward to seeing the new stuff!