Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Hello Shropshire!!!

I am here, pretty much unpacked and ready for business!! Yay!!

Well actually, thats not quite true, we don't get internet until the 8th, but there is a gorgeous cafe/farmshop/internet/garage about 4 miles away from the house, and I am here drinking coffee and writing all my orders down, so we are back in business!!!! (and already worked out where the local pub is, and which is the best place to have indain food, and Amanda; they DELIVER!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I am living in a chapel, yep, a huge amazing chapel!! It is a little bit mind blowing, and gorgeous, and huge (3600 sqft), but I have so much stuff, I am a bit shocked about how I could have ever fitted into my little splott house, but what I have noticed is that it feels so different to have space and organisation, I think half my stress before was to do with that, its so easy now to walk into my store room and just pick everything of the shelves, i feel so calm!!

I will take some pictures this week, and post them up when we get the broadband.

Infact the stained windows, original oak doors, and just general gorgeousness of it, has slightly overwhelmed me really.

Ok, had better go, got lots to do and see.

See you at the same time tomorrow!!!



  1. Yay for you and finally having the space you need and deserve!
    Hope that big wooden pillar hasn't been attacked by the kitties yet. ;)

  2. Congratulations on moving and hooray for all that space- it sounds fab! x

  3. Just think of all the prayers that have been said in the chapel, that has gotta give off a good karma, eh??? Hope you enjoy your new home, can't wait for the new website.

  4. Woohoo......an Indian Takeaway that delivers...R E S U L T!!!
    Sounds like you're a little more than sorted Missus!!!
    Went knitting with Elly last night....was great!!
    Hugs :o)
    S xXx