Monday, 17 May 2004

A great trip to Swansea.

I went on a great trip on Saturday with Marie to Swansea. We went to a massive book store and got knitting books and magazines, and then went onto the Mumbles in Swansea and visited this fantastic wool shop which was fabulous, and the lady who owned it was so enthusiastic and lovely.

I brought loads of Noro, one hank of (I'm not sure which one, but I crocheted the bag out of it below on Saturday evening whilst I was watching Eurovision, incidently talking of Eurovision, my mother's words were 'we didn't get many votes because of that damned war!' I thought this was not far from the truth, the voting was rediculously political, but so much so it was funny!)

Here is the bag, the striping is beautiful, I just need to line it now.


I also bought 10 balls of silk garden, which I am saving for something special, pictures of this tomorrow.

After we went to the wool shop we went to a knitting and crochet guild meeting, the lady who's house it was in, nearly turned us away because she thought we were selling something, we looked to young to be coming to the group! We were the youngest by about twenty years, but it was great, I really enjoyed it, and the chitter chatter. I think there are lots of lady's which I will be able to learn lots of skills from.

Sunday we went shopping and Anth brought his wedding suit, which is linen, its georgous, so now all the extra's are gonna have to wear linen as well!!! Yeah!!

Finally, it has been pointed out to me that in a previous post I mentioned I was spinning weaving and dying, I wasn't actually dying, I was dyeing, however I'm not going to change it because it caused much mirth :-)

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