Wednesday, 26 May 2004

What to knit?

So with my 100gms I was at a loss with what to knit, I didn't fancy socks because the merino isn't really that hardy, and no one would get to see them. So I Just cast on with 12mm and started knitting, its qiute lacey because its quite fine wool and here is the result!



The wool stripes really nicely, although there is quite a variation in the colours. I used a button that my lovely uncle made on his wood turning machine for me and it goes really well with all the browns. I will try another picture so you can see the colours better at the front because they are lucious. I think it will be lovely to put over summery clothes, (it doesn't look to good with what I have got on) I will definatelywear it, my creations don't always work but I am pleased with this one!

I was going to write stuff about wedding prep but that isn't very interesting, however I am a little stuck about what to put on my wedding list. I think I will have three, Argos, House of Fraser and perhaps I might get away with a wool list perhaps???? (he he)

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