Monday, 24 May 2004

Finally A dyeing Success!

Well, I still have a headache, however, I disovered Spinning it actually quite soothing. On friday I was reading Knitting notes and she posted about dyeing some rovings, and linked to The Dye pot which has some great instructions for Crockpot dyeing. Creating my own yarn has to be nearly the most exciting thing on the planet, so I read the instructions, and because it is dyeing, I remebered them to the last 't', (I wish this would happen when I read psychology literature, but it's not exciting enough!!)

So I found a crappy old stew pot and soaked my rovings and poured my dyes on and popped them on the cooker, and left them to it. I cleaned the house, and when I had finished and the rovings had cooled, I got them out and they are absolutely beautiful. However the problem I normally have is the fact that although the colours are great, the rovings have felted so much you can't even tease them apart to spin them.

So all night I was tossing and turning whilst the rovings were drying just incase they might be ruined. Thankfully they were fine!

Sunday morning I started spinning them. The colours at the bottom of the pot are really really dark, and get lighter towards the top, and apart from the very bottom one the Rainbow dyeing has worked a treat.

I will post a picture of the rovings and the yarn I have spun when I get home this evening, because I was late for work so I couldn't take any pictures.

Its definately not the colours I would normally use, they are interestingly dramaticaly better than anything I have ever done before.

Only 6 hours before I can go home and spin some more!! Pic's soon!!

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