Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Back to normal.

The weekend went so well, and we had a wonderful time. I got to run quite a large number of participants and I have a feeling there is going to be some interesting results. Not only that but I got to talk to so many people about their experiences that its really confirmed in my head that the research is worth doing. 

I also got to meet lots of really great people and accidently purchased some wool!


So on the left hand side is some orange/red and green yarn, I didnt actually purchased this from the show but I wanted to include it. It's beautiful, v soft sock yarn from Hello Yarn. It really is the nicest stuf I have ever touched. I think even though its sock weight I would love a jumpermade from this. Then that lucious green shiny silk is from Hipknits I am going to make the beautiful cardgan designed by Anna. I could have spent a fortune on that stand. We had lovely chats, it was fab!

The big dark red skein above is actually 4 skeins from silkwood angora's. The colours in this were irresistable. It's between 4 ply and dk weight and its going to take me ages, but I am determined to knit a cardigan from it.

Ok so next I have to show you this pic. Its Anth learning to fingerknit on the BHK stand, once he had learned how to do it, he made a fluffy scarf in about 20 minutes and decided to use some of my foxglove to make a chain and then knit it on larger needles later. Hilarious! Not too sure what I think about this, after all I'm the knitter in this family, there is only room for one of us:


Finally sat night I went out for dinner to the most wonderful vegetarian restaurant in west Kensington called 222 veggie Vegan Restaurant, they had Gluten free options for nearly all the dishes, I was very impressed, and the portions were big, which is always high on my list. What made it even more fun was the company! I got to eat dinner with Cath, Anna (who makes the most beautiful stitch markers, might be selling them on the website soon), Erssie (who is such a scream, and is an extremely talented designer), and the lovely Abbey and her husband Chris. Abbey sometimes designs things for me, and she is also very talented. It was so much fun! Oh yes here we are:


Right so now I need to finish my noro cardi, then I can get on witht he hip knits silk.....I can't wait!

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