Thursday, 2 March 2006

Cable denial.

Hmm, so I think you guys are right about giving myself the extra days, even if it was my fault that I started late because I messed my wool dyeing up. I do like the look of the medals though.

Up until now I have been in cable denial, so much so that when I look at my rogue, the cables are invisible. They are starting to come back though, and tonight is stitchn'bitch the perfect place to become reacquainted with my sleeves.

In two weeks I am 28, being so dangerously close to 30 is prompting some anxiety and review of life, combined with my new house (fingers crossed) I decided that I need a bit of an overhaul/ new start. More fruit and veg, water, cut out caffeine, and definitely less alcohol. I started yesterday.

Unfortunately this morning I felt so droopy eyed, they were all red, and sore, and I felt really grumpy, I though I must be sickening for something, so made sure I ate a mountain of sardines on toast, (I swear by sardines) and swigged down my green tea.

Got completely mad with anth, I can't remember why now, and stormed to work, and struggled to keep my eyes open in my experiments all morning.

I've been waiting for the sore throat, but nothing.

Now I have the shivers and the starts of a small migraine. I actually thought to myself 'oooh a nice big coffee will make you feel better'. Ah. But I've given up tea and coffee. Then it struck me. I have caffeine withdrawal. Without my 3 mugs of tea and two mugs of fresh coffee in the morning and that's before work, no wonder I was grumpy and slightly shouting, no wonder my eyes keep drooping closed, and my head is thumping.

I'm sure that can't be the excuse for my muppet hair can it? which prompts the question, does anyone have any 'I'm growing my hair out so I need a fashionable, something I can get away with indoors, head covering solution? I look dreadful in scarfs.

Anyone who comes up with a solution which I like and will wear, gets some yarn.

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