Friday, 31 March 2006

Super days.

Firstly this song ('Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley) is killing me, Listen to it here for free I love it so much, it has the most special memories associated with it for me. Hopefully will be this weeks number one, first downloadable only song to ever make it to number one. Go on listen to it twice, its very addictive.

I went to see Marie last night, whilst I was there she just happened to give me my birthday present from Toronto, and even more exciting its fleece artist!!


I had to lighten the picture so the colours are a bit washed out. The boucle is stunnng as it the fiber. Thanks Marie!

Finally, I've been so excited about my results from my study, I just had to have a go at my analysis ASAP. I am a researcher and I have to run stats on data all the time, mainly its pretty prescribed, and although I understand the principles, I'm not an expert. Now doing my results for the first time I just want to understand everything, I now realised why people get so good at statistics when they do Phd's with their own data, you just are so motivated to want to know everything so you can get it right. I think this experience will probably make me a squillion times better at my job.

Now where are those stats books......

I do still knit by the way.....just on some socks in a new colour of mine, pics sunday.

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