Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Naughty blogger.

It seems like ages since I did a proper post. I think we have gone all relaxed in our house after the viva, so not much going on at all really, actually that's a complete lie, but I like to think that my life could be quiet if I wanted it to.

So what have I got for you today? well, a lovely blog reader, Laurie suggested panta for my sprouting hair, and I love it. So I dyed her some wool in a sort of coal colour, and look what she made from it.....

Panta Lovely or what.

In return she sent me this cutie little cat:


Sorry about the picture, It's not the best, but its adapted from this pattern, take a look, its so cute. So thanks Laurie!

Oh and here is mine, but not on because I'm having spikey hair today:

My_panta I am completely obsessed with red at the moment, all my shoes, jumpers and accessories are red.

What else....... um......., oh yes I purchased this lovely specimen from Getknitted the Saturday before last on their open day. It a lantern moon needle case,


and I accidentally bought 3 pairs of lantern moon needles to go in it, in fact only the best needles get to go in this one, so they are all going to have to be lantern moon.....


And finally, tomorrow is my birthday, being 28 is a bit weird because it feels like its nearly 30.

Because I've been so busy recently, I haven't been looking after myself very much, and had a complete panic about 4 weeks ago.

As a result I have been making a bit more effort with eating, exercise, and it has payed off big time, the main things are cutting down on alcohol and I have completely cut out tea and coffee, and have been eating fruit like its going out of fashion. The main thing I have noticed is that my skin is fantastic, it hasn't been this good ever. This is a major relief seeing as I have had skin problems since I was about 20, but now you'd never even know. Not only that but I'm glad to say that everything is still standing up in the right direction and I feel more confident and enjoying my life a million times more than when I was 21 or even 25. So I'm going to really enjoy my birthday tomorrow, and obviously I am celebrating it in knitting style! I am going to my favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner, with a fair amount of my stitchn'bitch group, and then we are off to Yarn 'n Yarns for Claire's hen party, how cool is that? it'll be a scream, now all I need is some cash so I can buy some yarn.....cause I need it!

And finlly here is a little pic of my fluffy munchkin being silly:


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