Wednesday, 22 March 2006

My head is still on.

Lots to do, but sort of on target thank goodness, apart from the fact that I broke  the photocopiers half way through printing my questioniares and still haven't heard about ethics, but I have very good coping mechanisms when it comes to times like this, I just lose my ability to give a @#*k. So I'll just focus on something I do have control over. Impossible statistics for 4pm this afternoon, yeah. Thats a good plan.

*added later*

Went to see ethics woman.

Nearly cried.

Got an emial 10 minutes later to say it had been approved.

Tried to work on statistics, nothing worked, everything just went completely wrong.

Went to toilets. Cried alot.

Went to meeting a bit sniffly. Bosses just complete stars, and were not worried in the slightest.

Now 5pm need to go do the photocopies. Don't feel like crying at the moment, but I'm sure that could change at any moment.

If you are coming to Olympia for the show, come and do my experiment, or just say hello, I'll be on the stitchlinks stand.

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