Saturday, 3 March 2007


Having soooooo much fun, but v v v v v tired. My pigeon french is a little bit of a problem, but everyone is so lovely and is willing to keep trying, I can understand more than I can speak which is ok, thank goodness for signl-anguage, thats all I can say.

Here's a pic of the stand.


Also we should hopefully be securing a french distributor tomorrow too. Blimey thats so exciting. Yippee.

Food in Paris is v expensive, but so damned good at the show compared to the food you would get at a Uk show for example. Probably one of my favourite parts of travelling is getting to eat wonderful things. So here's a pic of me eating my lunch, this is for my reference really, but I know it'll make most of my freinds who know me well, laugh.


So I'm signing off, in Paris, to get some scrummy yummy Parisienne food and wine. Here's to more wooly trips to this fabulous country.

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