Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Its all springy here, sun shining, and as normal I'm bouncing around, dyeing and drinking tea and trying hard not to eat crap, seems like being 29 is coming 2 days early, and I don't have quite as hollow legs as I had. AHEM, I'm reduced to eating veges and fruit, which is growing on me although I think I might be detoxing a bit, as I have a thick head and mild giddyness. I haven't even had a glass of wine for days, but seriously I can't handle my belly hanging over my jeans one day longer. Not too sure if I'll be able to keep the healthy diet up when I go to Dublin at the weekend for another wooly trip, especially seeing as is paddy's day. Guiness has iron in it doesn't it/

I am officially a dyeing demon. I was up till 11.30 dyeing, some thing just happens to me about 8ish, and I just can't help it, I think about mohair and I just can't resist the pot.

Its a new addition to my range, and I'm calling it 'chuff chuff' This must be said with a slight spanish accent, because carmen one of my best freinds and yarn testers uses so many fantastic verbal descriptions, I just know that she would feel it and say 'chuff chuff' the 'ff' needs to be elongated so a very soft 'f'.

So I'll upload some pics of some 'chuff chuff' once I can find my flipping camera lead, and put some in the shop.

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