Thursday, 8 March 2007

Thursday afternoon.

*yawn* I was up at 6.30 am today packing up orders which were delayed because I was in Paris. I just woke up, jsut like that, v v odd, and cool, i did 4 hours work before I came to work, hehe.

I'm getting spinning cravings at the moment, I was reading Theresa's Blog whilst chomping on my sandwiches and she mentions this ebay shop. I took a look and my heart skipped a few thousand beats. I know I make my own fibres and blends. But i've never really tried that many others. So i'm bidding on some cause I neeeeeeeeeeeeed some of those luxury sock batts. I really do. I'm feeling awfully creative at the moment. I'm also feeling like I might need a new spinning wheel. But before I do that I decided that I will dye, spin and blend enough fibres, and then spin them for a good sized self striping cardigan. Once I have done this, then I deserve to buy myself one. So seeing as saturday is dyeing day, and I have a vey important wholesale order for Stash in chester to finish, I might dye some yummy fibres at the same time. Ohhhhhh I'm getting excited at the thought!!!

Ohohohohohoh!!!! I knew there was something else I to tell you, I'm on the radio again, hehehehe on a programme Marie has made about the addiction of knitting. It's called Wales in Stitches and will be broadcast this Sunday, March 11th at 12pm on BBC Radio
Wales and repeated at 9.30pm on Wednesday March 14th. You can also
listen live online at The frequencies are
listed on that site too.


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