Tuesday, 6 March 2007

What a beautiful day! :-)

I'm extremely tired from paris, but I am feeling so happy. Lots of things really, you know when you have that feeling that you are living right in the moment, and not for the future? I think thats the first time I felt like that for a very very long time, I have the tendancy to be thinking about whats next and not take in now, but i'm just soaking now up at the moment and its superb. It might ahve something to do with the fact that I'm going to be 29 next week and being nearly 30 is scary!!

I had a wonderful experience in Paris with a customer who is crazy about my lace weight mohair, suffice to say, its very popular and rarely actually gets into the shop, but i'll update some soon, and post the shops you can buy it from, anyway, she bought some at allypally last year and preordered some to collect in paris. She was chuffed to bits with it and brought me some biscuits to say thankyou, how sweet is that? it make me soooooo happy when people love their yarn. Talking of which I had three emails yesterday of projects people had made with my yarn:

This is Becky's clapotis in scrumptious, Sue's socks in BFL sock yarn, and these also in the BFL by ride.knit.read. Yipee, aren't they all super?

Its a perfect spring day today here in cardiff, daffodils everywhere, I loved Paris, but boy do I love coming home here, its such a beautiful city. I feel like another poem coming on, but I'll save it for tomorrow.

*sigh, with a big grin*

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