Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Lots today.

I have knitting, shop updates and all sorts today, its a bit of a mamoth one.

Ok, so I got some yummy presents for my Birthday, all of which were unusual presents for me, I got a wonderful bright red digital radio, which I carry around with me everywhere in my house. I also got some beautiful glass, and a knitting book, I haven't bought any knitting books for ages and ages, so imagine my delight when Elly bought me 'fitted knits' for my birthday. I was soooooo excited.


I thumbed though and saw at least 4 things I absolutely have to knit, firstly though, I got started on this cardi;


I feel guilty for not knitting with my yarn so I decided to do a slightly less contrasted version, but use my space dyes yarns instead, so work the main body and arms in fyberspates DK and then the collor and the 'cuffs' in the scrumptious. I've finished the first sleeve and am on the second which won't take long, I'm desperate to get on the collor cause I want it for the weekend, when I'm off up to London to visit a couple of lovely freinds and I'm popping into a couple of knitting shops too.

Here's the progress so far


and here is a close up of the two different yarns in the arm and cuff


finally, with the shop, I will do a weekly update of yarn, which will be posted under new arrivals in the front page of the shop. There is plenty of lace weight silk and cobweb lace, also I'm trialing a new alpaca silk yarn, which is wonderful, this is for my online shop only and won't be available in larger stores.

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