Monday, 2 April 2007

Where do I start

I've got lots of things to say today, and I don't know where to start. Nearly finished my shrug from fitted knits, I'm going to dinner at Marie's tonight and we are having some knitting time, which I'm so looking forward to so, hopefully I'll get it done and take a pic tomorrow.

Sat I went to London to stay with a friend and took the opportunity to visit some yarn shops, yippee. I went to Iknit London, which is such fabulous shop, its so cute and in the most wonderful area. Caroline, my 'non knitting yarn assistant for the day' and I were arguing about whether we were going the right way to the shop, and a beautiful man, shouted across the road, 'the woolly shop is just down there' me and Caroline blushed and then continued arguing about how the hell he knew we wanted the knitting shop, she said it probably ha something to do with the large bags of yarn we were carrying. I wasn't so sure, I'm convinced it was merino boucle knitted hat. Any way at I knit I purchased a beautiful skein of Tilly Thomas yarn with beads on it.

We then tootled off to stash in Putney, and to my surprise, Alice was sat knitting with a group of other lovely knitters, so that was fab to see her. stash is also a fabulous shop, I'll be going back for definite, I was sorely tempted by some art yarns, but thought i should restrain myself, or I'll be homeless with nice yarn, but no where to stash it.

After a long day I arrived at mums and spent the rest of the weekend with her, and she took me birthday shopping on Sunday and got me some lovely clothes, she thinks I need to look like a designer so she got me a couple of scrummy outfits for spring, obviously being mummy fyberspates she gets unlimited free yarn, so there are some compensations to still having to buy her daughter clothes even though I am 29 now.

So on the shop front, I have now done a lace club, its a 4 month member ship and you can choose between a semisolid membership, a variegated or an undyed one, click on the pics for more details. Places are limited, due to yarn stock,

I am liking the 'New arrivals' section, it'll make it easier for people to see what new in the shop. and will be updated every Monday from now on.

Finally, did anyone see the felted vase pattern in Simply Knitting, hohohoho.

Oh finally, got a horrible cold, so I'm being pathetic and still in my pj's.

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