Wednesday, 18 April 2007


I think I'm better, fingers crossed, the tiredness has finally gone today, what a weird cold virusy that was. It took three weeks to work its course, so I decided maybe my immune system needs a little bit of pepping up, so I am drinking lots of fruit smoothies and eating lots of different coloured veges and salads, and a tonne of fish, I am so addicted to it, sardines on buttered toast, yummmmmmy, and all sorts of other scrummy things, and obviously balanced out by chicken curry and chips last night after a couple of pints, had to be done really.

So that means that normal service is being resumed, sock club will be out to everyone by Friday, apologies for the lateness, ships ahoy,and its all steam ahead again.

I have some very nice pics of my little sprouting plants which I'll post later today when i get home, and ...... I'm getting a new camera this weekend which will mean that the website update is being saved for next week because I want to photo the scrummy yarn with the new camera and redo all the shop pics, and you might get too see the frilly tank top on me finally, getting my hair chopped today so its all good.

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