Monday, 9 April 2007

Boo hoo

I've got a horrible horrible cold, which means all I can do is sleep and knit. I have finished my top which from fitted knits, but I ind of made it a little too small for me, its ok, but I need to find someone petite to model it. One thing I have finished which has made me soooo happy is my frilly tank top, I wanted to reknit it and add a little dart shaping at the back, which I have done, I also knitted a contrasting frill which looks superb. It took 3 hanks of scrumptious, 2 in moss and 1 in reds and plums.


I will model it once I look a little more attractive and less snotty. I didn't do the frill on the arms this time, I just crocheted a chain along the edge, it looks fabulous on.

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