Monday, 30 April 2007

Yarn updates and things

What lush weather it is here at the moment, I confess that I caught the sun in the garden at the weekend because I was sat working out numbers for a pattern, and was getting a little frustrated and kind of forgot that the sun was beaming down on me. Never mind, I need to make sure I buy good sun cream.

Shop has a little update, with amongst things, some scrummy superwash merino yarn, its soft as anything, about 19.5 microns for the boffins among you and 3.99 for 50gms, its to dye for, hehehehe parden the joke, and I have lots of it ready for Wonderwool, who is coming ? tell me tell me.


Oh and finally I finished the pattern for this little lovely tank top in squishy;


Its in the new arrivals and the pattern section.

Right thats all for now, i'll post some pics of my seedlings tomrorow, the are coming along lovely, and tell you about the grand design for my garden, yipeeeeeeee.

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