Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Food again

One thing that makes me feel miserable about being I'll apart from being it, is the fact that my hunger and taste is affected. I don't eat unless I feel hungry, or there is a cheesecake in front of me, so I was miserable because I didn't feel hungry, and everything I tasted was crap. Then by 2ish today after just sleeping my cold off I had a flash of inspiration, Chicken soup. Yep, there is a reason why chicken soup is a perfect food for illness, cause its salty, and is very plain, and can tastes nice with the few taste buds that actually work. I might add, that the rule is though, that it has to be Heinz; 'yes it says chicken on the can, but even though you can't see it, its in there, really, it is'.

I have no idea why there was a can of it nestled amongst my tins of tomatoes and beans, but it was there, and I ate it accompanied, and I'm wincing as I type; a white sliced sponge/proccessed bread cheese sandwich, its the only thing I could stomach, and to be honest, it was absolutely delicious. Blimey, that and a pot noodle in the same week, I don't know what has come over me.

So by this evening, I am feeling allot better and decided to unpack the kenwood food processor that my mum bought me for Christmas. AHEM. I've been busy, OK.

I washed it and then decided to put it to the test for a simple nutritious tea. So I toasted rather too many pine nuts, savaged my basil plant, added some spinach, rocket and a tonne of yummy olive oil and Parmesan, and made a delicious pesto, I can feel the colour coming back to my cheeks as I type. 'sigh' with a grin.

ohohohohohoh and........... I planted a load of seeds on Friday to grow in pots in my garden, and I'm gonna do regular posts about my veges, cause I'm so proud of them, there are about 4 tomato varieties, squashes, rocket, basil, thyme, parsley, peppers, aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms and I also bought a cherry tree, a grape vine and a brambly apple tree, all to go into pots, as I'm having my garden completely changed, ohhh I'm so excited. I'll post more about that soon, do some before and after pics, I decided my blog needs a bit of livening up and diversion of topics, my life does revolve around my business, but seeing as I am getting more organised and settled, I have started being normal again, and I have so many fun things to talk about, which includes eating, cooking and growing things. Yippee.

I'm also adding a list of food blogs I like, I love reading about food, and I would like to read some gardening blogs, but interesting ones, any one got any suggestions/

I'm sure lots of you are growing your own veges, tell me what you are growing this summer.

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