Thursday, 13 January 2005

Daylight deprived.

So, why haven't I posted all week? Because I don't like posting with out photo's, and no, my camera didn't have a fatal accident involving a toilet, it is however out of work because I haven't seen daylight for days. My welsh course starts at 8am in the morning, and its still dark, I finish work about 5ish, and it's dark! So there is no light of day to take photo's, even though I have lots to show and tell.

Spun some more squiggly yarn, and added it to a scarf I am making from my hand spun. Making another pair of 2.5 hour socks, except they are taking longer because I have big feet. I have made one with the green Skye for the cuff, heel and toe, and the pink is the rest, and then the  other sock with  have a pink heel, cuff and toe, and yes they are a touch on the mad side, but I love'em.

My idea for a knitting experiment is becoming more a reality now. I have set up a website which I am developing which will be perfect for running the experiments on, I will need a few people to pilot it on first, if you are interested, let me know. Once it is up and running then we can see what we can do.

Welsh is going really well, I'm surprised I am doing just fine! For some reason I thought it would be harder to learn welsh if you are dyslexic, but it seems not, however, actually writing it down is another matter. Let me give you an example. the word for services is Gwasanaethau this is not an easy word to say even if you know the pronunciation, but the spelling......AHHHHHHH! the mixtures of au's and ae's is going to do my head.


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