Monday, 17 January 2005


So the stash using up thing is rather fun actually! I have decided to make a lovely little ribbed v-necked jumper with the handspun jacobs wool my freind brought me a little while back. I'm knitting the body in the round, because it's more fun, and the ribbing works a treat. Here is my progress from sat afternoon and a bit yesterday:


The picture is not too good, but it looks great in real life, very natural. I never expected it to stripe either!

At christmas I dyed and carded together silk and kid mohair into lots of little balls of lovelyness, which I have to keep the cat away from because he goes mad on it.

Anyway I spun the first bit of it on saturday morning, and was very pleased with the result: Here it is:


Its so smooth! I am planning on spinning the rest up and then making a little top from it, probably something for summer, because its very light.

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