Friday, 14 January 2005

It's friday!!

At last friday. I can take pictures tomorrow now and eek them out through next week!

Thankyou for the comments about the knitting experiment. It's great to have people to help me out! I want to start with knitting and personality types, this is not the same as the fun tests which you do on the net which give you a read out after. But will require information about knitting habits, and completing a few other psychological measures. There will be much more fun/complicated ones to come, but I need to increase my programming skills so we'll start with that.

So I need a couple more volunteers to help with the preparation, it will involve telling me about your knitting habits, it won't take long, leave a comment if you fancy it, and I'll email you with instructions.

Not only that if you have ideas about what you would like to test or there is something you would like to know about knitters/crafters/crocheters please tell me! I promise that any ideas you come up with that are used will be acknowledged.

How exciting!!

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