Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Fruitful holiday.

I have had probably the most restful holiday I have ever had, Its so nice not to have to do any extra work. I took great advantage of the time and have knitted and spun so much stuff. I will post one picture a day, to eek it out a bit.

I actually finished the socks in 24hours!! how amazing is that, in fact the socks only took about 2.5 hours each!! I couldn't believe it.

Klaralund is finished, and I haven't taken it off yet, I made the smallest size which fits great but the sewing at the back makes it too tight, so i have simply sewn the back about 4 Cm's from the joining edge for about .5Cm's, this looks great.

Here is today's picture, some orange hand spun with coils. It has taken me a while to do this type of spinning, really because my wheel is suitable for fine spinning not chunky, but I have worked out a way to do it. This is one of four skeins so far, and have some more to go.


Husband and I have determined that we are going to buy a house this year, and pay off a large proportion of debts. Why is this relevant for knitting?? Well it means that we are now on a major economy drive and that means no more yarn buying!!! AHHHHHHHH! What it does mean, is that my huge stash which I have accumulated it about to be used. I have tonnes of yarn, and loads of fibre which I can spin for my own yarn, so there is no excuse at all. So I am going to start with my colinette from the show in london, and make a lovely big polarneck jumper. Then I am going make more socks and see how I get on. It's really quite exciting. In addition I am going to sew some clothes, although my sewing is not too good, so it's going to give me lots of practice.

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