Tuesday, 5 September 2006

A post two days in a row!

Blimey, you can tell when I'm happy, cause I blog nearly every day! Got quite a bad cold, and had to go home early from work yesterday cause I felt so ill, but its mainly because it makes me so tired, and I think my office mate was a getting a bit fed up of my sniffing. Feel much better today, but I know I'll be nodding off again by three, despite sleeping about 13 hours last night. I hate being ill, I get so frustrated!!!!!

Despite that, I am feeling very bubbly, I'm getting so excited about Ally pally.

Have some amazing fairailse things in the pipelines, ready for ally pally, totally amazing stuff! I can't wait to put photo's up, but until the patterns are finished I won't.

Listening to a fabulous album: 'Passing stranger' by Scott Matthews, I heard the song 'elusive' song on radio 1 and was stunned by how beautiful it was,  and have had a nightmare getting hold of it, but I got a copy from here. Truly lush, he is doing a concert on Thursday night in cheltenham, but I can't get tickets.

Hmm, I would also like to give a big shout out to my fabulous wool supplier!!!! (hehehe) Thats a personal joke for Andy!

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