Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Patterns and recipes

Ok so, I made a Jpeg of the frilly tank pattern and its in the pattern photo album, if you click on it it will get bigger but I need to think of a better was of displaying it because you can' see it too well. Any ideas? Perhaps I just need host the pther patterns on one of my other web domains.

So Sole and I blitzed the house, we got back from Ikea about 9.30, I had to pack Sole in the back of the car with the stuff, it was very funny, we were so tired though trying to carry the wardrobe in, that we were laughing so much we couldn't pick it up, goodness knows what the neighbours thought. Then I went to pick up Bea, and so now I am just awaiting the third lodger tomorrow. Its amazing having women in my house, I'm not used to that at all, I get organised all the time, and my kitchen has been changed around so much that I can't find anything, but I have to be honest, I absolutely love it. I really really need that in my life at the moment. Apparently we are even doing a rota for cooking and cleaning!!!!

I'll post the recipe for the black current crumble later, seeing as I need to check the quantites, I don't normally measure anything.

Anyway so today I have alot of work to do getting ready for the return of the students, There is still alot of talk of knitting Phd, not from my department though, but other places,  scares the crap out of me, but I'm learning just to take things on and just keep going. So I'm still keeping it in mond.

But the most exciting thing today is, and I'm not going to give too many details, but I'm choosing the colours for a new range of yarns for Fyberspates.

I hope you guys don't mind my life bits as well as knitting, its just that my life has just changed so much in the past couple of months, and its so good, I just want to share it with everyone. And  food is such a massive treat for me, especially social eating that I get really excited about it, I will, if people want, post the spanish and polish recipes of the things that are really really good.


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