Monday, 18 September 2006

I think I'm losing my mind and enjoying it!

So remember I told you about my lodgers? Well there were two, and then there was three. Oh yes, thats right in a two and a half bedroomed house, full of wool and me.

So I'm sleeping in the loft. But that means removing all the wool, gutting the office, and distributing it around the house, I'm a little stressed but excited.

We had our first 'family' dinner last night, which was fantastic, we had amazing tapas, paella and copious amounts of red wine and Blackcurrent crumble to finish, with lots of spanish music. I think this is a taste of things to come. I think we will probably all cook together, and Sole's boyfreind is Polish so we'll be getting a taste of that too. Oh its such a hard life!!!!! Although I need to keep on tops of all the wool for Ally pally, AHHHHH! At least they all love the wool though, thank goodness! They'll all be knitters b4 they leave. :-)

By the way, take a look at Flossies frilly Jumper, she made based on my frilly tank pattern, but added sleeves and knitted the frills, its fabulous! Its very sexy!! I'll post the pattern up here for the tank, and hopefully flossie will put the jumper version up too.

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