Monday, 4 September 2006

All sorts.

Thanks for the comments on the jumper. I will probably continue in the turquoise, I finished the hank, and its nearly long enough to start the sleeves, so while I'm still deciding, I cast on for the back. There is a pattern emerging again, despite the hank is a little different, but I'm desperate to get home knit it and see what happens.

On a scale of 1 - 10, for a bleach blonde 28 year old, I do do some very strange things. People always say to me 'you don't look like a knitter'. And people are always suprised when they come to my house to see the weird things I do. One of my obsessions is making things from scratch, and when it comes to food, I love using free ingredients. So having been reduced to poverty recently because of my mortgage, I decided to be a little bit more resourceful. I am a sucker for special things, especially if they contain alcohol or something yummy to eat like cheese which I will be making soon, (i'll let you know how I get on). So, I think I mentioned in a previous post that I commissioned a rum pot to be made to make very fruity rum from seasonal berries. Well, yesterday I went on a mission to get some berries for free. So me and a friend scoured the cotswold hedges for a couple of hours yesterday after lazing around,(the first day I've done that for about 5 months) and picked squillions of fat plump and juicy blackberries, also there was loads of rose hips, so I got some of those and also found  a massive fat sloe bush, so I got a couple of kilo's of sloes. We also found a brambley apple tree and some pears, completely legal!

If anyone knows the cotswolds, you'll know that they grow alot of fruit there, and there are the most wonderful specimens of apples and pears everywhere. My friend was rather consumed by a beautiful pear tree overhanging from a garden, so after plenty of attempts to dissuade her, I said, OK, go get some, if thats what you really want. She got out the car and stepped straight out into a massive muddy puddle and got completely soaked. Suffice to say I laughed alot and she didn't 'borrow' any pears. But we did find one in the hedgerow on the way home!

I made a really yummy apple, pear, and blackberry crumble for dinner, which follwed the yummiest roast dinner I have eaten for a long time, although we were quite tipsy by then, because we were playing cards and drinking wine while it cooked, it was such a lovely day.

Not too sure what to do with the rose hips yet, probably make some rose hip jelly.

The sloes, well, they are for sloe GIN. So I'll have to blow my weekly food budget on some bottles of gin. I'll probably be wobbling for a day or two, while I test out the gin to make sure its safe.


PS any one out there able to convert patterns into larger sizes? I need to convert some of my designs into larger sizes, email me at fyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom, if you have exprience of doing this. You would be paid for it.

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