Friday, 15 September 2006

Spiders and parties.

So, this morning I attempted to put my washing out, and was confronted with layers of spider webs spread across my path, with to be honest, HUGE spiders in the middle. I love all creatures, but there is no way I was gonna attempt moving those, so I had to put my washing on the radiators instead. I'm such a chicken, I'm also worried about hurting them if I try and move them and panic, how am I going to get to my shed though? I only killed something once, and that was because in my moudly old house, there was a slug coming out of my tap, which made me feel very ill, so I put salt on it and ran away, then I cried for about 3 hours because I killed it. What am I like?

So what do I do? I've got to get things out of my shed for orders. Dang, I guess the husband was useful for something. HE HE. I'm sure that would make him laugh. Honest.

So onto warmer 2 legged things. The thing I love about my job is that we are all really good friends as well as colleagues, and socialize a fair bit, especially at this time of the year, lunchtime parties get you through the winter.

So Sole, one of my lodgers arrives on Sunday, we are very good friends, and so is another Spanish friend Bea. So that means Sunday afternoon parties, Prof's, children, wives  and all I hope. Whats good for a Sunday late afternoon lunch? What about tonnes of lasagne (I'm make a serious lasagne, the sauce takes 4 hours) and salad, and blackcurrant crumble another of my specials, I can prepare it in advance then. Oh and lots of vino. Is lasagne a bit old fashioned? Any other ideas people?

J xxxx

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