Friday, 1 September 2006

Its a miracle!!!!!!!!

OK, so I'm never the most structured of people as most of my friends testify, although when I am dyeing yarn I do have a general formula I stick to because its practical. I normally only knit up socks in my 4ply, but last night while at Liv's knitting/house warming party I swatched 'squishy' and decided it would make a really wonderful ribbed jumper, perfect for my ally pally stand. Suffice to say I cast on and started. I didn't take much notice of the pattern until Judy said, 'jen look at that!!!!!' I turned it around and there was the face of the virgin Mary in it, no no no only kidding!!!!, however it had amazingly turned out like a pringle pattern, any one who knits random dyed stuff knows that this is phenomenal!!!:





How mad is this? Any ideas on how should I continue, because when I get to the armholes the pattern will obviously be ruined, so I might continue in a solid colour, what does everyone think about it being cream?

Disclaimer, I can't guarentee ever that the yarn would ever do this again if knitted up with a different tension or a different skein of this yarn.

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