Monday, 7 May 2007

Its nearly there.

So end of of a hard working weekend, I now have muscles i never knew I had, and I still can't seem to stop finding sand every where, hehe.

So so there is a little more trellis to be built, but in the mean time, mum and dad took me shopping to blooms for plants for the new garden, and we got lots of lovely things including 2 more vines and alot of climbing plants, a sweet climbing rose, a passion flower, and a pretty clematis, plus lots of hanging baskets, oh and of course a couple more vege plants. So here it is at the stage this evening.




So I have some beautiful flowers and plants, but things have to be functional, they either provide shade, colour or food, and I was I am so excited about the list of edible plants I now have in my garden, with only raised beds and pots, see, you don't need a huge garden to grow veges, so as follows;


Three varieties of grapes to climb up the wood, 1 white, two red, melons, morello cherry tree in pot, dwarf bramley apple in pot, fig tree in pot, and an odd variety of climbing kiwi fruit.


Tonnes of rocket, in pots and mixed in hanging baskets, 3 varieties of tomatoes, in pots, coriander, basil, runner beans in pots, aubergines, 2 varieties of squash, courgettes, chilli's and peppers, hmm think thats all. not bad huh?

And I just wanted to say thanks to sweetie pie, who to be honest built most of it all himself, the garden came from a planning one sunny afternoon and I could never have believed it possible to do it all, he is very very clever. Thanks sweetie pie, he wouldn't let  New_camera_020 me take a photo of him so this is all you get.

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