Thursday, 24 May 2007

Wonderwool Wales 2007

So finally here is my pics from Wonderwool.

As I drove in on friday evening to set up, the first thing I saw was a pen of Alpaca's, I had to stop and gaze for ages, they are such beautiful animals, and here is one of the cutest baby aplaca's ever.


and this one


Diane came and did some spinning on my stand, she bought this tiny little spindle, perfect for spinning cashmere, and as I happened to have some cashmere fibres (which will be in the shop later), she got to spinning some, not wanting to be left out I went to purchase one of the little cuties and couldn't stop after that. Here is a pic of us spinning on the stand, go check her blog out, she is a brilliant spinner, taught me a few things!!


Its not a particulary good picture of my stand, but the others all have people in them, so I won't post them, just incase they wouldn't be very comfortable with it.

Elly was a fab help, but for some reason there are no photo's of her on my camera, so I can't show you, but she got some great feedback on her designs, she is a fab designer afterall.

It was so much fun meeting everybody, and chatting and getting feedback on my yarn, I'll definately be there next year.

PS Diane, you are tagged. hehe.

Someone special wrote me something very beautiful this morning, and it made me really tearful,  I just wanted to say thanks, and that I love them very much. xxx

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