Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Where do I start?

Wonderwool was fabulous, but I'm saving that for a post tomorrrow when I have plenty of time to write it and post photo's, I am a little stressed cause I have so much to do, in psychology work and fyberspates, and my Nan is in hopsital with pnemonia, I went to see her yesterday just incase, well you know, it was the last time I saw her, she is very sick, and its not looking good, so I feel a bit sad today, everything seems harder when you feel sad doesn't it?

Anyway, I'm grateful then to have been tagged by Dee so I've got some random stuff to talk about!!!

So here are seven random facts about me!

  • I used to have worm eating contests with my brother when I was about 8.

  • I love fairy stories, especially celtic myths, I love the Mabinogion, I could sit and read them for hours.

  • I still don't have any  dental fillings and I'm 29.

  • Like Dee and Kerry I have never had the urge to smoke and I hate smoking, however, I do have very fond associations with the smell of smoke, which comes from spending time with a very special freind I have called Philip when I was a student, (and occasionally now when he comes to stay). We used to sit and chat, he would smoke and we would drink endless pints of coffee while we would anaylse the world around us, or talk about books and life, in his old scruffy kitchen, on old wooden stools, in the sunshine, very very special times for me. Sometimes I just get a whiff of smoke and feel very very comforted.

  • I'm a buddhist, and I Chant everyday morning and evening and have been a buddhist for 9 years (so is philip as mentioned above).

  • I always have a massive breakfast, I never ever eat cereals, well not for breakfast anyway, I prefer fried eggs on toast, or beans on toast, or a sausage sandwich, if I miss breakfast it makes me ill and tired (I am convinced my breakfast habits are my secret to being skinny).

  • I love more than anything an impossible challenge. The harder the better, I truly believe there is nothing that can not be achieved if you want it enough.

So I am going to tag the following people, there are some more, but I need to find their blogs.

Elly  Marie Flossie Annarella

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